We really don’t know all of the answers to fashion industry’s most  burning issues, but we surely know how to make it just a little better. At Fal-ash we create collections using dead stock fabrics big fashion industry no longer needs. All of our prototypes - and believe us - it takes dozens of them to create a perfect fitted model, are made of another old garments or pieces of fabrics used before.

We don’t want to create and sell as much as possible. Always planning quantities meant to sell out, we are distancing ourselves from excessive seasonality of fashion, designing only when and what we want and presenting the pieces in smaller Episodes of the bigger-picture Seasons. Just like in all of the shows we all love to binge watch.

We are trying our best to source all of needed materials locally and to make our clothes and accessories with the people we trust and respect who are living just behind the corner, not hundreds of miles away. 



Our packaging contents only of 100% recyclable materials. We are using only 100% recyclable cardboard boxes to put your order in. As we really don’t want to use a lot of paper, your order confirmation will be sent together with shipping confirmation to your email.